Sports/Activity Injury

Arm & Leg Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain|

Sports/Activity Injury Many of us love to be active and this is a great way to live, in health terms. However, being active inevitable puts [...]

Muscle imbalance

Hip & Pelvic Pain, Low & Mid Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain|

Fundamentally we are made in two halves and inevitably have little differences from side to side that cause imbalance. These are our little structural eccentricities. [...]

Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)

Arm & Leg Pain, Hip & Pelvic Pain, Low & Mid Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain|

Here we are talking about osteoarthritis, which usually presents as a normal degenerative joint condition as opposed to inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or [...]

Joint irritation/Strain

Low & Mid Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain|

Joints are sensitive structures lined with cartilage and held together with ligaments. Some joints also have disk-like structures within them, e.g. the ‘menisci’ in the [...]

Muscle spasm

Low & Mid Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain|

This painful condition is due to an uncontrolled nerve impulse stimulating the muscle(s) to contract strongly. It is often a nervous reaction of the body [...]

Work/Repetitive Strain

Arm & Leg Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain|

This debilitating condition often has a real impact on people’s lives as they are likely to have pain doing the things that they regularly, often [...]

Muscle Tension/Stress

Neck & Shoulder Pain|

Muscle tension is a very common occurrence and has many causes. For many of us muscle tension can become a real problem, sometimes without us [...]


Neck & Shoulder Pain|

Muscles have a main body which contracts and also a tendon which attaches it to the bone to form a strong pulley system. Many tendons [...]

Trapped nerve

Neck & Shoulder Pain|

Nerves are the wires that keep our bodies connected and working properly. They run both from the brain to the body powering muscles, and from [...]


Neck & Shoulder Pain|

Whiplash This debilitating condition is most commonly caused by motor vehicle accidents when one is hit from the back or the side. However, it can [...]

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