Looking at a human body from the side, we all have a normal outward curve (kyphosis) in our upper spine and a normal inward curve (lordosis) in our lower spine. However, some people develop either an over-exaggerated (hyper) or and under-exaggerated (hypo) kyphosis or lordosis. This can be due to posture, pregnancy, developmental issues or arthritis.
Looking at the human body from behind, some people develop a C or S-shaped curve in the spine called a scoliosis. This is usually due to asymmetries in the body, for example a leg length difference, a pelvic torsion, flat-feet, etc.
Common symptoms:

  • Back pain
  • Shoulder/Hip pain
  • One-sided pain and tightness (scoliosis)
  • Pain standing long periods (lordosis)

Mid-back pain sitting long periods (kyphosis) Scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis are very common presentations in our clinic and we treat them gently and effectively by re-aligning the body into a more symmetrical and balanced position. We also give the patient the right strengthening and stretching exercises to maintain a good posture. A thorough examination and analysis will enable us to find and, where possible, remove the cause of the imbalance.
Ultimately the aim is not just to treat it but prevent the symptoms from reoccurring. This includes education on how to keep the area in question healthy in the future. Please call to talk to a trained professional if you want to know more.