Your First Consultation

It is not necessary to have a referral from your doctor. Osteopathy can be provided independently or in conjunction with your GP. The first consultation will consist of:

  • A detailed discussion of your current problem(s)
  • A detailed discussion of your medical history
  • A postural and physical examination
  • An explanation of the diagnosis and treatment,
  • Commencement of the treatment.

Osteopathic Treatment

Treatment techniques used can include a variety of gentle and firm methods, depending on the condition and your preference. Deep and gentle soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, muscle energy stretching, muscle strengthening and specific joint manipulation are common tools we use. Treatment management programmes may also include the prescription of rehabilitation exercises (i.e. stretching, strengthening or mobility) and advice on posture, diet, ergonomics, and lifestyle. Where appropriate we also offer:

Medical Acupuncture uses ultra-fine needles (which rarely hurt) to induce relaxation and balance in muscles. They have a specific calming effect on the central nervous system and have been shown to provide a pain-killing effect. They are very useful treating muscle knots and painful ‘trigger points’.

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Cranial Osteopathy is a subtle form of osteopathic treatment that uses gentle manipulative touch to encourage release of tissue strain throughout the body, including the head. It can be extremely effective in treating a wide range of conditions in people of all ages, from birth to old age. This method of treatment is especially beneficial to pregnant women, children and babies (e.g. colic, feeding difficulties, sleep disturbance, glue-ear and griping).

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Orthotics Prescription is used to balance the body with the use of tailor-made shoe inserts. These precise devices equalise leg length, support foot arches and balance postural misalignment. They are extremely effective for treatment of Low back, hip, knee and foot problems. We only use a cast of your foot as a template so the device is totally accurate and unique to you.

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