Upper-Cross Syndrome

Neck & Shoulder Pain|

This is a very common problem and is endemic in society as we spend more and more of our time sitting at computers, driving or [...]

Sacro-Iliac Joint Strain

Hip & Pelvic Pain|

The sacro-iliac joints join the bottom of the spine (the sacrum) to the hip bones in a wedge like formation. These joints have to be [...]

Hip and Pelvic Pain

Hip & Pelvic Pain|

We commonly see hip and pelvic problems in clinic, and we know they cause distress to many people today. Pregnancy and arthritis can present particular [...]

Buttock Strain

Hip & Pelvic Pain|

The buttocks are made up by the large gluteal muscles. These powerful hip muscles are central in allowing us to stand and walk normally. Therefore [...]

Groin Pain

Hip & Pelvic Pain|

This unpleasant condition can either be caused by an acute injury to muscles/structures in the groin, for example during exercise, or by longer term postural [...]

Pelvic Imbalance

Hip & Pelvic Pain|

Pelvic imbalance is a common condition and often does not cause any major problems. However, for some it is the lynch-pin that maintains their asymmetrical, [...]

Muscle strain

Arm & Leg Pain|

Muscle strains can be associated with Sports/Activity Injury, or they can occur when we are simply doing normal daily things. If a strain does occur [...]

Flat Feet (Pes planus)

Arm & Leg Pain|

Between 20-30% of the population have flat feet or ‘fallen arches’ on either one or both sides. The condition is caused by the normal arch [...]

Runner’s Knee

Arm & Leg Pain|

Runner’s knee or ‘chondromalacia patella’ is a condition in which the cartilage on the back of the knee cap starts to degenerate. It can be [...]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Arm & Leg Pain|

This painful condition is often associated with work/repetitive strain and usually involves an element of Tendonitis resulting in a trapped nerve. The wrist is a [...]

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